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Strauss „Salome“, Opera Stuttgart
November 2015

„There is certainly good reason to believe that much of the extraordinary effect made by the singers in this production has to do with the musical rehearsal under Roland Kluttig. For the singers, too, are indebted to Kluttig’s acute sense of musical drama, which, while bringing out an unprecedented intensity and brutality from the score, also allows it to sound with very clear, sharp-edged contours.”

Klassik Info

"Roland Kluttig is taking the State Orchestra from one highlight to the next”

Badische Zeitung

“The State Orchestra conducted by Roland Kluttig provides the soundtrack to this psychodrama, ineluctably drawing the listener into its spell from the very beginning. The colourful sounds emanating from the orchestra pit, which remain transparent despite all their intensity, are fantastic.”

Stuttgarter Nachrichten

“One has Roland Kluttig at the conductor's desk to thank for the fact that this is a stunning performance musically as well as on the stage.”


 “The conductor Roland Kluttig brings out precisely this truly modern, driving detail by tempering the exaggeratedly opulent sound and not drawing out the climaxes. Such a coherent performance is seldom to be heard.”

BR Klassik

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Coburg, Schubert/Zender „Die Winterreise“ 
Weber „Euryanthe“, Oper Frankfurt
April 2015

“Roland Kluttig has conducted a lot of New Music during his career, something which can be heard here. He deploys the tone colours with precision, not least in the deeper registers, and avoids any pseudo-Romantic indulgence. The orchestra and choir follow him with splendid precision and transparency. Everything comes together to form a vivid and animated tableau.”


“Even though the opulence of the stage and costumes plays a major role in this convincing bid to restore the honour of Weber's Euryanthe, it is, of course, not imaginable without the sweepingly sensuous, yet rigorously coherent, musical direction of Roland Kluttig, who was followed by a Frankfurter Opern and Museumsorchester that revelled in the romantic ecstasy of sound and Weber's obvious ambition to break new ground.”


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Wagner „Lohengrin“, Coburg
April 2014

“What Roland Kluttig draws from his orchestra in the way of colours, power and effect is magnificent.”


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