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Premiere in Coburg: Roland Kluttig conducts Wagner's Parsifal (April 9) – Landestheater grants a look behind the scenes

Wagner's "Parsifal" was last performed in Coburg about eighty years ago. Now the stage consecration festival play is back on the Landestheater's programme: According to director Jakob Peters-Messer, it will be – with a loving wink – probably the “smallest Parsifal in the world”. Wagner originally composed "Parsifal" for the acoustic conditions of the Festspielhaus in Bayreuth and the opera was only allowed to be performed there until 1913. In the meantime, the opera has found its way into theaters around the world - including a reduced version in the theater of the Vestenstadt. The challenges of the performance can also be overcome thanks to technical progress: Wagner's utopian instruments can now be simulated electronically, "we sampled church bells from Constance and transposed them an octave lower," reveals Roland Kluttig in an interview with the Coburger Tageblatt. In addition, international guests could be engaged for the new production: The young Austrian tenor Roman Payer makes his role debut in the title role, the Georgian baritone Michael Bachtadze can be experienced in a double role as Amfortas/Klingsor and the Hungarian soprano Tünde Szaboki was able to play Kundry be won. At the9th Aprilis premiere.

From April 22nd to 23rd, a two-day symposium will take place in cooperation with the Richard-Wagner-Verband Bamberg, at which various speakers, including GMD Roland Kluttig, will invite you to discuss Wagner in discussions, podiums and workshops.

The Landestheater Coburg provides a first insight in a "making of" video with scenes from the current rehearsals: 

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