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With a varied program to new heights:  
Roland Kluttig elegantly bridges the gap from baroque to modern

Roland Kluttig elegantly bridges the gap from baroque to modern – sometimes on the same evening. In the final months of the 2015/16 season, the celebrated conductor will devote himself to two exciting contemporary composers. In addition to guest performances from Mannheim to London, he is always looking for new challenges at his regular desk as general music director in Coburg.


He is looking forward to an exciting 2016/17 season with the Landestheater there: the much-vaunted collaboration is striving for new heights with a varied programme. "Conductor Roland Kluttig brings out the brute force of the music and at the same time fans out the score almost like chamber music" - what BR Klassik found about Roland Kluttig's "Salome" at the Stuttgart Opera (November 2015) also sums up the general versatility of the conductor.


Kluttig will play music this season and the coming season with determination and transparency, both in his function as general music director at the Landestheater Coburg and in guest performances. In doing so, he effortlessly bridges eras – sometimes even in a single evening. As in the case of "Dido and Aeneas / Riders to the sea": From June 18, 2016, the baroque opera by Henry Purcell and the one-act play by Ralph Vaughan Williams will be opposite each other at the Landestheater Coburg. Reconciling the two English works will be a musical challenge. The choir and philharmonic orchestra of the Landestheater are facing her not least because she has been working intensively and much acclaimed with her GMD since 2010.


On 07.05., 28.05. and 06/11/2016 but first the performances of Sciarrino's opera "Superflumina" in Mannheim are on the program.

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